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by http://englishatcatalan.wordpress.com

1 2 3
  4   5 6    
  9 10              
      14 15

6.a small animal like a mouse with wings that flies at night
7.When the bell of the clock makes a sound, for example at 12 o' clock
10.nobody lives in this house, it is...
12.a synonym of costume
13.a brush with a long handle used for cleaning the floor. Witches travel on them.
18.when I walk on my grandfather's house the floor ...
19.the house is ..., I don't want to get in. I'm afraid.
1.people believe this evil woman has magical powers, and she uses them to hurt people.
2.I don't want to watch a horror film, I get ...
3.A dead person who bites people's necks and drinks their blood
4.On Halloween children say: '...or Treat'
5.this house has ghosts in it, it is ...
8.a small piece of sweet food made from sugar, chocolate, etc (Am. Eng)
9.On Halloween I'm going to wear my vampire ...
11.a large, round vegetable with thick, orange skin
13.where you put all your sweets and candy on Halloween
14.someone who attacks ships and steals from them.
15.the spirit of a dead person which appears to people who are alive
16.a small round or oval object produced by a plant that a new plant can grow from
17.if you want to ... people on Halloween, put on a ghost costume and shout 'Boo'

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