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DBZ Characters

Anthony Willis

Characters from the Dragonball series

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3.Fought Goku in the Other World Tournament from the Western Quardant
5.Brother of Goku, Son of Bardock, killed by Goku and Piccolo, Saiyan partners with Vegeta and Nappa
6.Older brother of Frieza, ruler of the Cooler Armored Squadron
8.50% fusion with Goku and Vegeta
10.Originally partners with Vegeta and Raditz
11.Created my Dr.Gero, to find and destroy Goku, has Red Ribbon banded on them
13.Legendary Super Saiyan, personally is similar to that of a psychopath
16.Homeland of the Saiyans
17.Son of Vegeta and Bulma, came from the future to defeat the Androids and met Goku
19.Contains all the cells from all the Z Warriors and a few villains
20.Slug like appearance
22.Worked with Babidi, but was killed my Majin Buu after he was released
25.Born Kakarot, originally from Planet Vegeta.
26.Namekian, other half of Kami
28.Piccolo and Kami reunioned
29.A member from Coolers Armored Squadron, green hulk like appearance, always seen with a helmet, and long hair
1.Member of the Ginyu Force, snowy white hair,alien humaniod, red skin
2.One of Frieza's henchmen, overweight, pink, round with spikes on arms and head
3.Homeland of the Namekians
4.Member of the Ginyu Force, Blue, Tallest member and says he's the fastest in the universe next to Frieza
7.Personal bodyguard of the Grand Elder
9.Frieza's right hand henchman, long green braided hair, head apparel tiara and earrings represents a high class prince
12.Lord Slug
13.Muscular body, something like a gypsty pirate, teal skin, long orange hair, long scar on face, has another form makes him bigger chartreuse skin, red hair, and muscules increase over the top
14.Endangered race, majority killed by Frieza when he destroyed their home Planet
15.Ruler of the Universe, unknown race, was killed by the race he tried so hard to exterminate
18.Prince of the Saiyans, Saiyan partners of Nappa and Raditz
21.Father of Goku and Raditz, died along with Planet Vegeta
23.Son of Goku, 1st half blooded Saiyan and human
24.Fusion with Goten and Trunks
25.100% fusion with Goku and Vegeta
27.Brother of Vegeta

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