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Amelia Grace

Space words

3 4                  
5   6  
7         8                    
12   13   14        
16                 17          
  18         19         20
  21     22        

2.Most distant planet
4.How long it takes to orbit the sun (2 Words)
7.The sun gives it out
8.The planets, the sun, the moons and stars make it up (2 Words)
9.Closest planet to the sun
10.How many planets are there
11.Spiral galaxy, home of Earth with more than 100 billion stars (2 Words)
13.Is the biggest planet
16.Huge chunks of rock
17.A collection of stars, gas, and dust bound together by gravity
18.Is known a the love planet
19.A ball of rock and ice
21.It is a huge star
22.Is known as the red planet
23.Our beautiful planet
1.A darkening of the Moon, when looked at from Earth (2 Words)
3.Has huge rings
5.It is a dwarf planet
6.People who travel to space
12.It sucks things up (2 Words)
14.Object that orbits the sun
15.Has a blue tinge
20.It gives its own light out
22.A large body orbiting a planet

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