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OSI Model Puzzle

Sathish kumar B

This Puzzle related to OSI & TCP/IP models of Computer Networks. Ignore the spaces.

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2.The session, presentation, and application layers are the ____ support layers.
5.The _______ model shows how the network functions of a computer ought to be organized.
8.The physical layer is concerned with the movement of _______ over the physical medium.
10.The ____ created a model called the Open Systems Interconnection, which allows diverse systems to communicate.
12.As the data packet moves from the upper to the lower layers, headers are _______.
13.In the OSI model, encryption and decryption are functions of the ________ layer.
17.Ethernet uses a ______ physical address that is imprinted on the network interface card (NIC).
18.The _______ layer lies between the network layer and the application layer.
21.The _______ layer coordinates the functions required to transmit a bit stream over a physical medium.
22.The ______ layer establishes, maintains, and synchronizes the interactions between communicating devices.
23.The ______ layer is responsible for moving frames from one hop (node) to the next. (2 Words)
25.The _______ layer changes bits into electromagnetic signals.
27.Layer 2 lies between the physical layer and the _______ layer.
28.The ____ address uniquely defines a host on the Internet.
30.The _______ layer ensures interoperability between communicating devices through transformation of data into a mutually agreed upon format.
31.The ________ layer is responsible for the process-to-process delivery of the entire message.
33.The ______ layer is responsible for the source-to-destination delivery of a packet across multiple network links.
34.__________ provides full transport layer services to applications.
35.The TCP/IP _______ layer is equivalent to the combined session, presentation, and application layers of the OSI model.
37.The Internet model consists of _______ layers.
38.To deliver a message to the correct application program running on a host, the _______ address must be consulted.
39.The _________ layer enables the users to access the network.
1.The seven-layer _____ model provides guidelines for the development of universally compatible networking protocols.
3.In the OSI model, as a data packet moves from the lower to the upper layers, headers are _______.
4.When a host on network A sends a message to a host on network B, which address does the router look at?
6.The OSI model consists of _______ layers.
7.The process-to-process delivery of the entire message is the responsibility of the _______ layer.
9.The_________ layer is responsible for the delivery of a message from one process to another.
11.TCP/IP is a ______ hierarchical protocol suite developed ____ the OSI model. (2 Words)
14.A port address in TCP/IP is ______ bits long.
15.The ______ layer adds a header to the packet coming from the upper layer that includes the logical addresses of the sender and receiver.
16.In the OSI model, when data is transmitted from device A to device B, the header from A's layer 5 is read by B's _______ layer.
19.When data are transmitted from device A to device B, the header from A's layer 4 is read by B's _______ layer.
20.The _______ layer is responsible for delivering data units from one station to the next without errors. (2 Words)
24.The _______ layer is the layer closest to the transmission medium.
25.The ________ address, also known as the link address, is the address of a node as defined by its LAN or WAN.
26.Mail services are available to network users through the _______ layer.
29.The _______ layer links the network support layers and the user support layers.
32.The physical, data link, and network layers are the ______ support layers.
36._______ is a process-to-process protocol that adds only port addresses, checksum error control, and length information to the data from the upper layer.

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