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Matter All Around Us


2   3     4
6         7 8 9        
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34             35 36 37 38   39   40

3.the samllest ubit of matter that retains the identity of the substance
6.transform from one form to another
10.the amount of matter contained in a substance
13.region surrounding the nucleus of an atom where electrons are most likely to be found
17.subatomic particle with a positive charge
18.Iron, Copper,Nickel,Silver, Gold
19.elements that occur in a vertical column on the periodic table that have similiar properties
20.the ability to conduct electrical current
21.a characteristic of a substance the can be obsereved without changing the identity of the substance
26.anything that has mass and takes up space
27.does not change the identity of the substance
29.the ability to attract
30.an arrangement of elements in order of increasing atomic numbers
31.melting ice
32.temp at which a liquid changed to a gas
34.atom with the same number of protons but a different number of neutrons
41.the amount of space and object takes up
42.temperature needed to raise 1 gram of water 1 degree Celcius
43.subatomic partical with a neutral charge
44.a characteristic of a substance that can be observed
45.soemthing that produces an observable physical change but still retains its orginal form
46.mass per unit of volume
1.a mixture of separating a mixture based on polarity and solubility
2.the substance being dissolved
3.the average mass numer of all isotopes of an atom
5.a state of matter wih no definite shape or volume
7.a substance that cannot be broken down into simplier substances by ordinary means
8.an element above and to the right of the stair step line of metalloids
9.the ability to be hammered into a thin sheet
11.when a new substance forms
12.ability to be dissolved
14.burning paper
15.elements that occur in a horizontal row on the periodic table
16.characteristic of a substance that can be observed ONLY when the identity of the substance has changed
22.a Russian scientist who discovereda set of patterns that applied to the elements
23.temperature at which a liquid changes into a solid
24.the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom
25.a state of matter that has definite shape and definite volume
28.temperature at which a solid turns into a liquid
33.a state of matter that has no definite shape but has a definite volume
35.the substance doing the dissolving
36.subatomic particle with a negative charge
37.the ability to be stretched into a thin wire
38.the central part of the atom containing protons and neutrons
39.element with properties of both metals and nonmetals
40.an element below and to the left of the stair step line of metalloids

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