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Peroidic Table

Holly Bewer

2 3 4      
    5 6       7            
8                       9                  
        10       11          
14   15                  

1.when meyer and mendleevdemonstrated the connection between atomic mass and elemenal propertie
3.Vertical column of elements in the periodic table; elements in a group share chemical properties.
6.unreactive element of group 18 of the periodic table.
8.under the periodic able & where the * are
10.concept of chemical bonding theory that is based on the assumption that atoms tend to either have empty valence shells of eight electrons
13.in chemistry, a horizantal row of elements in th peiodic table.
15.the most electroneative elements
16.atom, radical, or melecule that has gained or lost one or more electrons and has a negative or positive charge.
18.one of the elemnts of the group 2 of the periodic table.
19.any of te elements of the actinide series, which have the atomic numbers from 89-103.
20.one of the metals that can use the inner shell before using the outter shell to bond.
2.law that states that the repeating chemical and physical properties of elements change peroidically with the atomic number of the elements.
4.groups 1-2 and 13-18
5.member of the rare-earth series of elements, whose atomic number range from 58 to 71.
7.measure of the ability of an atom in an chemical compound to attract electrons.
9.groups 3-12
11.groups 3-12
12.one of the elements of group 1 of the periodic table.
14.the modern peiodic table is almost exactly like this one
17.one of the elements of group 17 combine with most metals to form salts.

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