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Phrasal Verbs and Idiomatic Expressions

Leigh Weber

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8         9
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2.I haven't seen this movie in __________!
6.Judy is really __________ forward to her holidays in Costa Rica.
8."The meeting is at 7:00 ________. Don't be late!"
10.You should always tell the truth. But a few _______ lies don't hurt anyone.
11.Everyone knew that Oscar was going to be fired, but no one dared to say anything. It was the ________ in the room.
14.An expression to say that each person pays for their own meal at a restaurant
16.I know this city like the back of my ___________.
17.My grandma is very careful about how she spends her money. She is a penny ____________.
20.After our project failed, it was back to ________ _______.
1."What kind of beer do you have on _______?" (en fût)
3.Of course I'll help you! That goes without ______________.
4.Dan wants to leave his job, because they only pay him minimum _________.
5.Since Mr. Henning can't attend tomorrow's meeting, we are going to ________ it until next Wednesday.
7.That course was very confusing -- the professor jumped from one subject to another. He was all over the _____!
8.I know it's a difficult decision. You should _________ on it and let me know tomorrow.
9.A synonym for "rich"
12.Hi Hailey, can you ________ my paper and send me the corrections?
13.I missed the bus this morning because I was ____________ late.
15.When several employees were laid off, we all had to _______ on extra tasks.
18.I just have to ___________ my report a little and then it will be finished.
19."I'm sorry, I've misplaced my notes -- please ________ with me while I look for them."

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