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Chapter 4 - Collective Rights

D. Papadatos

Vocabulary and Concepts

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1.A person who claims French as their first language.
4.To fix firmly into place, make it stay in place.
5.Land set aside for the use of First Nations people.
6.A person who claims English as their first language.
7.Rights, supported by legislation, that belong to a group of people.
9.Adapting to another culture and forgetting your own culture and language.
11.When one culture believes it is superior to other cultures.
12.A verb that means to show value and commitment.
13.A payment made every year.
14.A document like a coupon. This document was used in exchange for land.
15.To bring back to the country. For example, colonial countries like Canada did not have their own constitutions. Laws and decisions had to pass through Britain. P.M. Trudeau negociated to bring our Constitution to Canada in 1982.
16.Authority to make decisions independently, without interference.
2.A shared identity, usually based in having a shared culture and language.
3.Rights from the past with origins from the past. Ex: the right to land.
8.To have independence as a people and also the right to choose and control your own governement.
10.Federal legislation to control the right of First Nations people in Canada. The First Nations people were not consulted in this legislation.

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