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Paralegal, Chapter 5

Rhonda Hadnot

Chapter 5 Key Terms

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4.Interference of fact that can be overcome (rebutted) by sufficient contrary evidence
6.All attorneys in the same firm are ineligible to represent a client because one attorney or other employees in the firm has a conflict of interest with that client
8.Steps taken to prevent tainted employee from having any contact with the case of a particular client in the office because the employee has created a conflict of interest between that client and the office
9.Grouping multiple tasks under a single time charge rather than describing each task separately and assigning actual time associated with each task
10.Rules and guidelines covering ethical issues involving paralegals
14.Paralegal who brings conflict of interest to a law firm because of the paralegal's prior work at another law firm
15.State bar association to which an attorney must belong in order to practice law in the state
16.Clause stating that you saw (witnessed) someone sign a document or perform other tasks related to the validity of the document
17.Relating to money. A pecuniary interest is a financial interest
19.Case applying a special statute that gives a judge authority to order losing party to pay winning partys attorney and paralegal fees
20.Crime of stirring up quarrels or litigation
22.Rule in the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct giverning the responsibility of different categories of attorneys for the misconduct of paralegals and other nonattorney assistants in a law firm
23.Causing delay, usually without merit or justification
24.Communication with the court in the absence of the attorney for the other side
25.Penalty of punishment imposed for unacceptable conduct; Permission or approval
26.Intentionally destroying, altering, or concealing evidence
1.Partnership consisting of attorneys and nonlegal professionals that offers legal and nonlegal services
2.Fee received by one attorney from another to whom the first attorney referred a client
3.Letter sent to client formally notifying him/her that the law office will no longer represent the client
5.Fraudulently charging a client twice for the same service
7.Notes, working papers, memoranda, or similar documents and tangible things prepared by or for an attorney in anticipation of litigation are not discoverable by an opponent, absent a showing of substantial need
11.Letter sent to a prospective client that explicitly says that the law office will not represent him/her
12.Method of resolving a legal dispute whereby parties argue their conflicting claims before a neutral decision maker
13.Tort with these elements: initiate or procure initiation of civil/criminal legal proceedings; without probable cause; with malice or an improper purpose; proceedings terminate in favor of person against whom proceedings were brought
18.To use Shepard's citations to obtain validation and other data on whatever you are shepardizing
21.Maximum amount or maximum percentage that can be charged as a fee in particular kinds of cases
22.Data about data. Data about a computer document that are hidden within the document itself

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