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Paralegal, Chapter 8

Rhonda Hadnot

Chapter 8 Key Terms

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5.Deduction or conclusion reached from facts
7.Question that stacks one or more additional questions within it
10.Question asked at the end of the interview in which the interviewee is asked if there is anything he/she thinks has been left out or inadequately covered
12.Open-ended question that asks for a summary of an event or condition
18.Question designed to encourage the interviewee to describe what happened in the order in which events occured
20.Broad, unstructured question that rarely can be answered in one or two words
21.Not actual or real but presented for purposes of discussion or analysis
22.A formal rejection
23.Fact-gathering technique to generate a large list of factual questions that will help you obtain a specific and comprehensive picture of all available facts that are relevant to a legal issue
24.Narrowly structured question that usually can be answered in one or two words
25.State of being dispassionate
26.Question that suggests an answer within the question
27.Chronological presentation of significant events, often organized as a straight-line diagram
1.Taking affirmative, ongoing steps to let an interviewee know that you have heard what he/she has said and that you consider the meeting with him/her to be important
2.Logically tending to establish or disprove a fact. Pertinent. Contributing to the resolution of a problem or issue
4.Question that has more than one part
6.Question designed to verify facts by seeking information beyond what is provided by the interviewee
8.Letter that identifies the scope of services to be provided by a professional and the payments to be made for such services
9.Law stating that civil or criminal action are barred if not brought within a specified period of time
11.Comparison of similarities and differences
13.Memorandum that summarizes the facts given by a client during the initial client interview
14.Cause of action in which a party seeks a court remedy or the alleged failure of a party to preform the term(s) of an enforceable contract
15.An individual, business, or other organization with resources to pay a potential judgment; sufficient assets or this purpose
16.Technical language; words that do not have an everyday meaning
17.Reason that is legally sufficient to obtain a remedy or other result
19.Cause of action in which a party seeks a court remedy for the alleged failure of a party to perform the term(s) of an enforceable contract

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