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Paralegal, Chapter 9

Rhonda Hadnot

Chapter 9 Key Terms

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2.One who has died leaving a valid will
6.Evidence of one fact from which another fact can be inferred
11.Prior to contemporaneous oral statements cannot be introduced to alter or contradict the terms of a written document if the parties intended the written document to be a complete statement of the agreement
17.Person ordered by a court to pay a money judgment
19.Pertaining to the use of scientific techniques to discover and examine evidence
22.Evidence that tends to establish a fact without the need for an inference
23.Assumption or inference that a certain fact is true once another fact is established
24.Special legal benefit, right, immunity, or protection
26.Person who makes a declaration or statement
27.Reasonable efforts to find and verify factual information needed to carry out an obligation
28.Compulsory pretrial disclosure of information related to litigation by one party to another party
1.Statute that gives citizens access to certain information in the possession of the government
3.Summary of the major facts in the case presented in a manner designed to encourage the other side to settle the case
4.To prove the contents of a private writing, the original writing should be produced unless it is unavailable
5.Methods of discovery in which one party asks another to admit or deny the substance of a statement
7.Method of discovery in which consisting of written questions sent by one party ot another to assist the sender to prepare for trial
8.Evidence that can be seen or touched
9.Not conclusive
10.Person to whom a court-awarded money judgment is owed
12.Someone who actually observed an event
13.Efforts to locate persons or assets
14.Nonprocedural laws that define or govern rights and duties
15.Evidence that a writing or other physical item is genuine and is what it purports to be
16.Evidence of an oral statement
17.Court's acceptance of a well-known fact without requiring proof of that fact
18.Not working for one side or the other in a controversy
20.Commanded to appear in court, agency or other tribunal
21.To refute or oppose

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