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Music Vocabulary

Ms. Fox

1 2 3   4             5
  7                       8  
10               11
  12                 13      
15         16    
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    27       28 29 30

3.vertical lines dividing measures
6.the spoken lines of a play or musical
7.medium loud
10.the highness or lowness of sound
12.combined treble and bass clefs
17.a collection of known music
19.a dramatic stage form that combines the arts of acting and singing
24.singing without accompaninment
25.to gradually get louder
26.also known as the f clef
31.very loud
32.a stage ply with songs and dance interspersed with spoken lines
33.accidental that cancels out a sharp or flat
1.an essential of a music staff indicating accidentals
2.a particular type of music
4.a way of "speaking musically"
5.the speed of music
6.putting all the elements of sound onto a soundtrack
8.medium soft
11.very soft
13.an accidental that lowers a note by a half step
14.the sharing of a person's feelings or emotions
15.also known as the g clef
16.a sharp, flat, or natural
18.the volume of music
20.to gradually get softer
21.a steady recurring pulse
22.an early staged variety show that included songs, dances, and comdey skits
23.to suggest actions or events before they happen
28.a staged drama that is predominantly sung
29.an accidental which raises a note by a half step
30.a series of five lines and four spaces

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