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English Literacy Crossword

Pierce Arthurson

A crossword that will help you study for your School Certificate in English Literacy

2 3     4    
5         6 7      
10   11          
  14       15  
  16 17                    
  19     20  

3.conscious imitations of anothers work for a satiric purpose
5.a figure of speach whcih compares to things
8.repeating a word to add emphasis
12.the repetition of consonant sounds in a series of words
13.also refered to as figurative language (3 Words)
17.an idea or word associated with another word
18.writer's attitude to his or her subject matter
22.listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and representing are all part of this mode (2 Words)
23.contradiciton in two words placed together
24.a reference to mental representations of pictures, sounds, smells, taste and textures
25.a way of looking at certain situations
1.a deliberate exaggeration for a dramatic effect
2.where one thing is said to be another
4.is the use of words whose sound echoes their sense
6.an accepteable or mild expression which replaces an unpleasent or hurtful one
7.giving human qualities to non-human things
9.a time-worn phrase that has usually lost their power to suprise due to over-use
10.language terms specific to a particular subject
11.compositions which holds up to ridicule human vice in an amusing way
14.The accepted practices or features inwhich help define forms of a text
15.the use of sharp direct intentionally cutting words
16.Range of personal, social, historical, cultural and workplace conditions in which a text is responded to and composed.
19.a term with many meaning (commonly related to a photograph)
20.the repetition of a vowel sound
21.A category or type of text that can be recognised by specific aspects

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