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Use the information text about penguins to work out the answers to the clues below.

1       2       3
    5 6  
    7 8                
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  16         17      

1.a sound that penguins make, that is similar to that that the donkey makes
2.tiny water animals that look like shrimp
8.one of Erath's seven big pieces of land
9.the number of different types of penguin in the world
12.all penguins live in this part of the world
14.what the text is about
15.what their wings are called
16.where penguins find food
17.what baby penguins are covered with when they are born
1.the last name of the author of the text
3.the smallest type of penguin
4.where most people see penguins
5.many penguins live here
6.the type of animal the penguin is classified in to
7.the type of covering the penguin has on its skin
10.the largest of all penguins
11.small type of fish that penguins eat
13.Penguins can fly. True or false?

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