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Legal Aspects of Policing

M. Bedard

Time to review the case law and vocabulary for this chapter. Remember you have a tet on Monday! Set aside some time to review your notes this weekend.

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1.Brown v Mississippi states police cannot use this to elicit confessions
9.established the stop-and-frisk exception
10.taking a person into custody
15.Miranda v Arizona states a person must be advised of rights prior to _______.
19.established an exception to the Exclusionary Rule
20.recognized the right to have legal counsel present during police interrogation
22.established the Excusionary Rule at the state level
23.requires the lower court to provide the appellate court a record of proceedings in a particular case.
24.amendment that estblishes legal boundraries for interrogation of suspects
25.person's consent applies to containers within the vehicle
2.created Fruit of the Poisoned Tree Doctrine
3.Warden v Hayden first recognized the need of this
4.precedent setting case that changes our undestanding of due process requirements
5.is based on an officer's training and experience
6.exception that allows evidence to be used in court when police are following correct procedures and are unaware of an error
7.states that illegally seized evidence cannot be used in court
8.first 10 amendments of the US Constitution
11.doctrine that excludes any evidence later developed as a result of an illegal search
12.set of facts or circumstances that would lead a reasonable person to believe that a person as committed a crime
13.established Plain-View Doctrine
14.established by Chimel v California
16.written instructions from a judge to law enforcement to search or seize property or an individual
17.held that a warrantless search of a vehicle is valid based on reasonable belief that contraband is present
18.established the Exclusionary Rule
21.amendment that establishes legal boundries for the search and seizure of evidence

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