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Mood and Eating Behaviour

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1.People feeling sad in Wansink's first study wanted a ... snack that tasted good and got rid of the blues
5.Healthy-weight participants eat more in a ... anxiety situation (according to McKenna)
6.Obese participants in White's study ate more crackers after viewing ... films
7.Amount of cities studied in the Lohman research
9.Percentage of adolescents who were overweight at the beginning of Lohman's study
10.Lohman said the relationship between stress and eating is ...
13.Parker et al. found that ... can be more likely to prolong negative mood when used as an emotional eating strategy
15.Stress levels of this family member were also considered in the Lohman research
17.In the groups that reviewed nutritional labels in Wansink's study, ... people ate less popcorn
18.Percentage of adolescents who were overweight at the end of Lohman's study
2.Wansink's second study investigated eating ... food
3.Consumption of this was considered a stressor in the Lohman study
4.Unhealthy food that was used in Wansink's studies
5.Kind of study Lohman conducted
8.... people ate less unhealthy snacks in Wansink's first study
11.The food that participants were asked to taste and evaluate after watching films in White's study
12.Number of factors used to determine individual stressor index in Lohman's study
14.Participants that ate more in a high anxiety situation, (according to McKenna)
16.Amount of years the Lohman study ran for
18.In White's study, participants watched one of ... films

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