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By: Lara Messner

Use the hints to help you fill in the spaces below. Try to do it in the shortest amount of time.

2 3              
  4 5    
6               7   8          
12 13                 14

3.A substance that froms in nature, is a solid, has a definite chemical make-up, and has a crystal structure.
6.Most industrial diamonds and other gems.
8.The property of a mineral that describes how light reflects from its surface.
9.The first physical property you regonize.
10.Minerals containing silicon, oxygen, and one or more elements.
11.The study of minerals.
13.Posess chemical compositions that vary beyond the generlly accepted ranges for specific minerals.
15.An extremely hard mineral that is used for edges of certain tools andd abrasives.
16.The tendency to break into irregular pieces.
18.Mineral deposits left behind that fill in the open spaces created by weakness rock formations.
19.A German scientist who created a scale to measure hardness. (2 Words)
1.A substance that cannot be broken into a simpler substance by ordinary chemical changes. An _ _ _ _ _ _ _ contains of atoms of only one type. Minerals contain one or more.
2.Minerals that can be mined for a profit.
3.A scale developed by Friedrich Mohs, a German scientist, that is used to measure hardness. The scale ranges from 1-10. (2 Words)
4.A durable lightweight metal derived from minerals as ilmenite and rutile.
5.The property of a mineral that describes its tendency to break along flat surfaces.
7.A way of catergorizing minerals into different groups.
12.The resistance of a mineral to being scratched.
14.A property of matte representing mass per unit volumes.
17.A color of a mineral's powder that is left behind/over when a mineral is scraped across.

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