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Confidence is Key!!!

1 2 3 4
      5 6  
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  22         23
  27                   28   29
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  34 35                               36    
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39                     40                              

7.We goed to the zoo would be due to
10.Time in life we face the stage that deals with Generativity vs. Stagnation according to Erikson
15.Piaget says that if a child understands the law of conservation, they should be in this stage
16.Type of test that is critisized for subjective answers and many ways of interpreting
17.Guilford was interested in
18.Sternburg was interested in
19.This gives a message its meaning *EXAMPLE
21.We have increased intellegence every decade since the 1930's due to
24.type of Behaviorist that looks at the situation AND how a person perceives it
25.Freud says that this part of you gives you guilt
26.Two types of intellegence are *EXAMPLE
27.This dude did the study with the children in the strange situation (secure, insecure , disorganized)
31.Sense of self as male or female (around 2 or 3 years old)
32.Thought that there were 7 factors that made up intellegence
35.Across cultures, the __________ almost Always come before the ___________ in sentance structure
37.Smallest unit of meaning *EXAMPLE
38.One of the "Big 5" that deals with stuff like "funloving or sober"
39.The mean for IQ is
40.Top-Down is *EXAMPLE
41.stuff that affects an infant negatively while in the womb *EXAMPLE
1.the first stage in development
2.this guy is known for his work in cognitive development
3.standard deviation for IQ is
4.What we apparently have since birth that helps us distinguish phonemes
5.Top of Maslow's hierarchy (Humanitic)
6.a set of procedures that garuntees a solution is an *EXAMPLE
8.One of the "Big 5" that deals with stuff like "helpful or uncooperative"
9.Galton thought this was most important for intellegence
11.if we learn something we are already somewhat familiar with, it's called *EXAMPLE
12.If you can't be creative with multiple uses for an object, you have
13.if we have to learn something completly new to us, it's called *EXAMPLE
14.Piaget says that if a child does not understand object permanance, they are in this stage
18.Freud's stages were *EXAMPLE
20.People who are very high strung, deadline orriented, and controlling are also know as
22.Two guys that developed the IQ
23.Is it nature or nurture? *EXAMPLE
28.Botttom-Up is *EXAMPLE
29.Came up withe the two-factor theory for intellegence
30.Freud and his Psychodynamics are associated with this *EXAMPLE
33.This guy had stages that were based on Freud's work (psychosocial)
34.Smallest meaningful unit of sound *EXAMPLE
36.How a phrase is structured is its

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