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Ch 8 Emotions

Introduction to Psychology

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5.postive emotions are associated with the left ____ cortex
8.an absence of intimacy and decision/committment is ___
10.this is the brain's emotional watchdog
11.___ expressions, according to James, are also bodily responses
12.cultural norms that govern expression of emotions (2 Words)
13.the ___ road allows a faster response to danger cues
15.he and Singer proposed that labeling an emotion depends on the interpretation of the causes of arousal
18.this type of love is a complete measure of love
22.he identified three kinds of human happiness: pleasure, gratification, and meaning
23.emotions of this culture are not familiar to us because the other culture places greater emphasis on communal values
24.Ekman was one of the first to identify __ basic emotions from facial expressions
25.he identified facial muscles used in a genuine smile as opposed to a phony smile
26.he proposed a stimulus is processed by the thalamus, then one pathway to the cerebral cortex and other other to the amygdala
1.he proposed (incorrectly) that the thalamus was the seat of emotions; this was revised to take into acount the CNS role along with physiological changes
2.___ floods the body with stress hormones, including cortisol, and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease
3.in many cultures, men are allowed more direct displays of ___
4.this hypothesis is supported by the fact that smiling several times a day makes a person feel happier (2 Words)
6.at $50,000 income, happiness begins to ____ off
7.determinants of happiness include ___, ___, and a genetic set-point for happiness (2 Words)
9.he proposed a "mere exposure theory" to explain liking
14.this field of psychology focuses on optimism and a sense of well-being
15.he conceptualizes love as a triangular model
16.subjective feeling state including physiological, cognitive and behavioral components
17.Half of the states do not permit admission of ___ results due to the low validity in determining if a person is lying or not
19.psychologists identify love as both an emotion and a ___
20.he suggested emotion evolved, having adaptive and communication values
21.he proposed a theory that states physiological changes come first, then emotion

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