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Theater Production Terms 3

Donna Stembridge

Third Set of Terms for 1st Semester

1   2             3 4       5
6   7     8          
10                             11    

1.Actors drawing attention to themselves through placement on the stage to the detriment of the production
4.Curtain areas to the right and left of the stage
10.When lights, sounds and scenery shifts are added to the production (2 Words)
13.The area closest to the backwall of stage
14.City we traveled to for the last time for region competition:)
15.The side of the stage the Baker's house sits on (2 Words)
2.Through lighting, you show the audience where to focus (2 Words)
3.Second in command after the director (2 Words)
5.Used for specific illumination: at One Act it was the narrator
6.Articals that stand within the setting: furniture, towers, trees (2 Words)
8.The side of the stage our tower/tree sits on (2 Words)
9.Best Actress Region 3 - A (2 Words)
11.These determine how well the audience can see all the action from any part of the seating area
12.The physical background for the play

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