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a whole bunch of living thing - animals

marlee holmes

random animmals and insects from around the world all put into the most amazing crossword ever!

  2 3
5         6          
  7           8
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    15     16       17    
18               19        
22     23       24  
    26       27
28     29              
30               31    
    32               33     34    
35     36                 37      
39 40     41      
            43 44
45               46   47           48

1.talked about in genesis, eats things whole
5."Elliot _____"
6.on the nickel
7.founf on a farm in a pen
9.the easter _______
10."the ____ king"
12.eight legs and skwirt ink
13.they live in packs and howl - trick question - at our church
15.marlee's old favorite animal
17.produces milk
18.have eyes on their feathers
19.the emperor from the emporer's new groove turns into this - has double letters at the begginning of it's name
20.vampires can turn into them
22.mans best friend
25.rat like dog that is found in beverly hills
26.i love what they make on toast, you can smoke them out of their homes
29." _________ Jack"
30.a large grey animal that is seen in zoos
32.scary spiders with venom
34.house ____, horse ____, butter ____, dragon _____
35."the ________ hunter"
37.the most popular animal to shoot when hunting
38.they spit and have humps of water
42.the bald ____ is a beautiful creature
45.melman (marty gloria alex)
46.eats garbage and wears a mask
49.fire ___, black ____, queen _____.
50.the baby of a cat
51.fast birds used in the olden days to hunt
52.dogs that laugh
1.a wooly animal thats fur makes good slippers
2.a small monster found in the tracey family
3.live in water and can be kept as pets
4.eats berries and the skin can make a nice rug
5.seen stealing dill on the rugrats
8."the ____ and the hound"
11.their farts at the zoo smeel really bad, silver back ______
12.smart birds that can rotate their head all the way around
13.an animal that meows
14.have fins and are eaten on sandwiches with mayonaise
15.they quack and waddle
16.endangered species that has "pus" in its name, has a bill that looks like a duck
17.you eat them, they are similar to lobster, walk sideways
21.lhiza's favorite animal
23.the characters from G-force are ____
24.they love shiny things and have lots of teeth, live in water
26.marlee doesn't like them
27.riddin by cowboys
28."_______ Manor"
31.small rodens with stub tails, kept as pets
33.Answer, Prove, Edit
34.they jump, are found in ponds and you can disect them
36.julia's favorite food
39.black and white and live in antartica
40.like to eat arms of people surfing for no reason, live in oceans
41.most commonly used example for when coming up for a word for the letter "z"
43.winnie the pooh - bear, piglet - pig, ehor - _______
44.their milk is commonly used in fancy cheese and creams, mountain _____
47.black, creepy, birds that caw
48."the great ____ Adventure"

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