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Canada Remembers

Mr. McLean

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2.Only soldier to be awarded DCMs in two wars. (2 Words)
6.Location of Canada's "Peace Tower"
7.War in which the HMCS Iroquois saw action in 1952.
9.Former premier of Quebec who served as a war correspondent in WWII and the Korean War (2 Words)
11.Maryse ______ is the commanding officer of the Snowbirds.
12.Out of 800, how many members of the 1st Newfoundland Regiment survived the first day of the Battle of the Somme.
14.14 Canadian _______ died when the Llandovery Castle was torpedoed in WWI.
16.Canadian Forces members have served on this Mediterranean island since the early 1960's.
18.How many Canadians won the Victoria Cross in WWI
19.Metis hero from Alberta who lost his life in 1944.
1.Over 150 Canadians have died in the conflict in this country since 2001.
2.Hill 355 in the Korean War
3.CHL trophy awarded in honour of those who died during WWI. (2 Words)
4.Black Canadian WWI hero who received the DC Medal posthumously in 2010.
5.Number of Canadians who came to help keep peace in Cambodia in 1991 (2 Words)
8.William "Bill" Chong won the British ______ Medal for his heroics in China during WWII.
10.The French-Canadian "22e ___________" played an important role in capturing Courcelette, France in 1916.
13.115 ______ Canadians have died in military service since Confederation
15.German submarine
17.Dutch city single-handedly captured by Leo Major in WWII.

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