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Ceramics Vocabulary

Instructor: Debi Smith

The below puzzle focuses on vocabulary terms used in the ceramic discipline. Enjoy!

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2.This is the process of heating the pottery to a specific temperature in order to bring about a particular change in the clay or the surface.
9.Some moisture remains, clay holds its formed shape. Still accepts additional parts.
10.Forming objects on the potter’s wheel
12.Ceramic ware that has been fired once without glaze.
13.The act of aligning the clay on the potter's wheel in order to proceed with forming and shaping.
14.A technique, flat slabs of clay are pressed into molds in order to create various shapes or forms.
16.A slab or platform on which clay is handled; a circular device attached to the wheel-head.
18.A plaster form which is used to support wet clay in the early stages of construction.
20.To scratch the surface of the clay ; aids in joining two pieces together
21.Enclosed containers of various sizes- built of refractor brick and heated by electricity, gas, oil, or wood to temperatures from 1500 F. to 2340 F. in which pots are fired.
22.First stage of ceramic dryness. Wet, fresh & Manageable
23.A method of kneading clay to expel the air, get rid of lumps, and prepare a homogenous material.
1.A method of shaping clay by inserting the thumb of one hand into the clay and lightly pinching with the thumb and fingers while slowly rotating the ball in the palm of the other hand.
3.Ceramic ware that has not been fired.
4.The base of a piece of pottery, usually left unglazed.
5.A technique of building pots using the only the hands and simple tools rather than the potters wheel.
6.To lay a slab of clay over an object to create it’s form
7.A plaster form which clay is compressed into, resulting in a repeatable shape or texture.
8.No moisture left; chalky dry. Must be at this stage to be fired.
11.Colored slip that is used under a glaze to create decorative effects.
15.A glass-like surface coating for ceramics that is used to decorate and seal the pores of the fired clay.
17.A technique of building ceramic forms by rolling out coils, or ropes, of clay and joining them together with the fingers or a tool.
19.Pottery technique using your hands to manipulate clay into a form
20.Clay mixed with water to make a “glue” used to stick two pieces of clay together.

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