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Union Terms

Using the Union Terms handout, you should be able to complete this crossword that highlights key union terms.

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1.Union members have a right to file a _____ is some part of their contract is not followed
5.A work slowdown or a refusal to perform some duties not in the employee's job description (3 Words)
6.The contract between an employer and a union (2 Words)
8.An advantage attained by length of continuous employment
12.An employer and employees who are trying to come to an agreement are _____
13.A place of work where a person must belong to a union (2 Words)
14.Workers on strike spend several hours a week _____ in front of their place of work
2.Method of determining issues such as wages and hours through negotiations between the union and employer (2 Words)
3.A method of settling a dispute between an employer and employees by bringing in a third party
4.A strike that takes place while a contract is still in effect (2 Words)
6.The legal process that a group must follow in order to become a union
7.The person in charge of a local union (2 Words)
9.A legal step used by an employer to end a strike or other actions of an employee
10.The closure of a workplace by an employer to pressure employees to agree to the terms of a contract (2 Words)
11.A refusal to work because a satisfactory contract cannot be negotiated

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