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Chapter 5 Study Guide

Kadeem B & Sakia B

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6.To regulate the relationship between companies and their workers.
9.A word, name, symbol, or slogan a business identifys a its own goods and set them apart from others.
10.Taxes levied againts the Property, buildings, or land owned by a business
11.The protection provided to a creative work.
1.An association of two or more persons who jointly own a for-profit business.
2.A Business owned by a single individual.
3.Groups of workers who collectively bargain for rights such as higher wages and better working conditions.
4.A Tax levied againts a bussiness's profits.
5.An agreement between two parties to carry out a transaction.
7.Rules that government agencies issue to implement laws.
8.A business formed under state or federal ststues that is authorized to act as a legal person.
10.The document the federal government issues to inventors and companies.

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