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Principles of Interpretations

Latoya B

Contract Law... Principles of Interpretation

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5.his approach said a court should consider ALL relevant evidence
6.his approach allows the judge to use his own frame of reference to decide if a contract is ambiguous
9.(3 words) goes by what others in that business normally do
10.if one party had ____(or had reason to) the party who didnt know - the innocent party prevails
15.motto of Modified Objective view
16.the subjective view makes contracts _____ to enforce, because either party could say they had a different intent than the other party
24.step 2: whose ____ controls?
25.Refer to the process by which a court gives meaning to contractual language when the parties attach materially different meaning to that language.
26.uses extrinsic evidence to determine to prove intent
27.4words. subjective view requires a ___ ___ __ ___
1.fryer, stew, boiler....which one do you want?
2.Corbins's view
3._____&_____should be interpreted in accordance with the standard of a reasonable person with the circumstance
4.(3 words)obj view: no contract if neither party had _____ of the other party's intent
7.how many types of ambiguity are there?
8.result of parties attributinng diff meanings to a con in subj view
11.courts reject the view that words have one _____ meaning
12.2 words. considers the most innocent party
13.subj. view: if parties attributed ___diff meanings.
14.obj view problem: reasonable 3rd party could reach a conslucion ____with was either party intended
17.Williston's view
18.view that considers what the parties intended
19.no extrinsic evidence needed--->obvious on its face
20.considers what a reasonable person familiar with the contract would intend
21.step 1: is the contact_____?
22.subj view: can allow a party to ______ a contract they did not mean to form
23.evidence outside the contract

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