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Safety in the workshop

Luke Reid 7MSW

if there is a space in a word a - sign will be used to show it. No punctuation has been used in the answers (', :, . ect) has been used.

(C) Luke Reid 2011

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  12           13  

1.****-**** are used for hanging up your co**s
5.you should check for the ******s
6.you ****-***** for a machene
8.you need to be ******* in the Workshop
9.an ***** helps to keep dust off your clothes
10.listen carefully to ***********
12.******* must be worn when using the machinery
1.the****-*** is used to tighten the drill bit in to the drill
2.make sure the floor is not ********
3.if there is an accident call the ********* services
4.**-******* in the workshop
5.don't ******* people when they are using a machine
7.Always be patient, *****-**** in the workshop.
11.****** must be stacked out of the way when doing practical
13.Dont be *****

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