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Computer Concepts

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3.Another way you can share info. Using the internet. (2 Words)
6.Websites own address that no other site can use. (3 Words)
7.A searc h that uses keywords plus special symbols to find more exact results. (2 Words)
8.Internet Explorer browser bookmarks.
9.Software program that lets you surf the web and interact with websites. (2 Words)
13.A website used to seek out other web pages using keywords. (2 Words)
17.An index of all the main pages in the site that you may use to jump straight to a page without drilling down (2 Words)
18.Gigantic computer network that connects computers across the world.
19.(The Web) only one part of the web. (3 Words)
1.Company that sells you access to the internet, usually for a monthly fee. (3 Words)
2.The record of the sites your web visits.
4.Shortcut stored in your browser that takes you directly to a web page.
5.Allows you to view a page so you can see how it will look (2 Words)
10.Specific location on the web that contains a collection of related files and resources by a person, group, or organization.
11.The first page you see when your browser opens (2 Words)
12.Refers to the good manner one uses in electronic communications.
14.Find more specific information. (2 Words)
15.Hardware or software that protects a computer or network from intruders.
16.Like Junk Mail.

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