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1.I have a 'mane' and from which, i get name. Genrally very fluffy. Weighing about 3 pounds.
5.#1 treat! Rabbits LOVE these orange-ish veggies and there tops.
7.I come in two sizes, Mini and Standard. I have a smooth, velvet like coat, and come in lots of colors.
8.We need these to help keep our teeth the right size. They are fun to toss around as well as chew on.
12.I am the smallest breed of lop, weighing 3 and a half pounds.
16.Smallest breed of rabbit, weighing 2 - 2 1/2 pounds.
18.You should ____ with us every day.
19.We have a smooth, satin like coat. We come in two sizes, Mini and large. Most of us are white with red eyes.
1.Rabbits can be trained to use this box as a bathroom, just as most cats.
2.I am very popular. I have lots of markings (Saddles, Blazes, Undercuts...). Does are used to nurse abandaned babies, that are not even ours!
3.Rabbits are known by their _____. They come in all sizes, and help the bunnies hear.
4.Rabbits are a _____ type of animal. (Carnivor, scavenger, prey)
6.Is NOT the smallest breed of Lop, unlike my name might suggust. Also known as the Klein Widder (Little hanging ears).
9.• English Lop-We won the Longest ear contest! My ears are 19 inches long! But can get up to 25 inches. We are a big type of lop.
10.They do this noise with their foot, when upset, scared, or most likely mad.
11.• As you might think, our breed was discovered in Californa. We are REW (Red eyed whites). And have points (Markings on our noses, feet, ears and tail.) that can be gray, brown, or blue. We are a meat breed.
13.A type of noise rabbits make when mad, scared, or startled. Watch out, you might get bet!
14.Our ______ are growing consantly. We need things to chew contantly, or we have to get them clipped by a Vet.
15.We are a wild 'rabbit'. We are not a rabbit at all. We have hairs on us, when we are born. And there is not one domistic breed of us.
17.I am an old breed. I have an un unusual name, that discribes the color of the underside of my tummy.

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