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Wanda Morgan

Directions: Use the clues to fill in the puzzle with vocabulary words from structure of a plant and photosynthesis.

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  8 9                        
  11           12  

1.Thread like stalk structure of the stamen
5.part of a plant cell that contains chlorophyll and where photosynthesis occure
6.the male reproductive organs
7.Stigma, style and ovary makes this one structure
9.this process creates a tiny new seed called the embryo.
10.a new individual is produced by the combining of material of two parents
11.the base structure of the carpel and contains the female material of plants
13.releases mature pollen
2.process where plants lose water in the form of water vapor from the stomata of leaves
3.Nutrients + Oxygen----------> water+ energy+ Carbon dioxide
4.Carbon Dioxide+ water----------> glucose + oxygen
7.Chemical that allows photosynthesis to occur.
8.a tiny opening in the leaf of a plant that allows water vapor, oxygen, carbon dioxide
12.Outer structure of floarl structure

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