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Legislative Branch

Samantha Kasper

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2.a federal _______ is when the US gov't spends more in one year than it collects in revenues
3.the CA State Legislature and the Federal Legislature have two houses which means they both are ______
4.the necessary and proper clause is also called the "______ clause"
6.if no candidate receives a majority of electoral votes for President, the ______ chooses from the top three
7.senate 3/5 (60) vote ends a filibuster
8.the house has the sole power of impeachment by a _______ vote
9.ways and means committee
12.speaker of the US House of Rep (2 Words)
15.appropriations committee
16._________ is when districts are drawn to the advantage of the politcal party or faction that controls the state legislature
24.how many house of representatives from CA are there?
25.Your "Junior" US Senator (2 Words)
26.the power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises is an _______ power of Congress
27.to be in the house of representatives you must be ____ years old
28.when you are impeached you are ___ of treason, bribery, felony, or minor crimes
1.when senators talk on and on to prevent a vote on the bill
3.Your Rep in the House of Reps (2 Words)
5.a senator's term is _ years long
6.when experts testify about why a bill is good or bad (house)
10.biggest source of US gov't revenue (2 Words)
11.those represented by electoral officials
13.how many total senators are there? (2 Words)
14.the process of becoming a US citizen
17.social security, medicare, medicaid/medical and welfare are examples of _________
18.owe their first allegiance to their political parties and vote according to their platform and leaders
19.the power to establish the Federal Reserve system is an _____ power of Congress
20.has sole power to try all impeachments
21.a population count that happens every 10 years
22.US Senate Majority Leader (2 Words)
23.a federal _______ is when the US gov't spends less in one year than it collects in revenues

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