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Canadian Law Chpt 11 : Find or Get Fined !

Amy Bui

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      13 14
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1.imprisonment for a specified length of time
4.a court order to keep the peace
6.an agreement made to consider the range of punishment for the offence and strike a bargain for a lighter sentence
8.an eye for eye punishment
9.expelling an offender from the countr
10.the releasig of a convicted offender with terms attached
11.Circumstances that lessen the sentence
15.a way to track and supervise offenders on probation
16.sentences that are served at the same time
18.the releasing of a convicted offender with terms attached
19.a requirement issued by a judge to perform community hours
20.a prison sentence of less than 90 days served on weekend and at night
21.a prison term of less than 2 years that is allowed to be served in the community rather than prison
22.a report prepared by a probtion officer ordered by a judge
2.judges must consider precedents as well as this "factor" that increases the severity of the sentence
3.when an offender continues to committ crimes after their release
5.a requirement of pay for the offender as punishment
7.a sentence that witholds a privilege for a specified period or a lifetime
12.sentences served right after eachother
13.someone who constitutes a threat to the life, safety, or physical and mental well-being of other persons
14.a judgement that is passed but not carried out
17.punishment imposed by the judge

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