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Operating Systems Vocabulary #1

Sharon Lambert

Vocabulary used to explain operating systems

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1.To be usable with older software and hardware
4.New security feature introduced with Windows Vista
6.Hardware Abstraction Layer
7.Vista 3D user interface
9.Used to start up computer
12.Environment created by software that works as though it is a standalone computer system
13.A single task such as printing a file
16.A portion of the name of a file that is used to identify a file type
18.Major update or fix to an OS
19.Software that controls a computer
20.Parts of a computer system
24.A program that runs in the background to support or serve Windows or an application
25.The first part of the name assigned to a file
26.Graphical User Interface
27.A Windows 2000/XP/Vista
28.A program that is running, together with the system resources assigned to it
29.Minor updates or fixes to an OS
30.Normally located at the bottom of the Windows desktop
2.Text files that have an .ini or.inf extension
5.Provides a way for the user to interact with computer
8.Properties assigned to a file
10.Makes it possible to boot a computer into one of two OS
11.Respnsible for interacing with hardware.
14.A program stored on the hard drive that tells the computer how to communicate with a hardware device
15.A variation of UNIX
17.Disk Operating System
21.A windows Database used to store hardware and software configuration information, user preferences, and setup information
22.Initial screen that is displayed when an OS has a GUI interface loaded
23.Low-end inexpensive laptop

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