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What animal is this?

Shicardi Spencer

Im going to describe a animale and they have figure out which animalit is.

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1.what is fat short and pink that lives on a farm?
3.whats big orange,black, and white and kind of the jingle?
5.what animal have a hump and can only me find in a desert?
6.what flys and build nest into trees?
7.whats yellow and quake?
10.what leaves on a farm and make eggs?
11.whats big and grey with a trunk and horns?
14.got milk and is black & white?
15.it swims under sea we eat them all kinds it was a movie name nemo after them!
17.what is green have four legs,lives in a lake or pond, and eats fries?
18.what barks at you?
19.whats long and slaughters?
1.what bear is black and white?
2.silly_______ tricks are for kids. What animals do this apply to?
4.what animal have black and white stripes?
8.what hops up & down and is brown and stands up like a person?
9.it was first a caterpillar!
12.what is orange and red with black dots and they bring good look?
13.whats is all black and look like a cat?
16.what animal got four legs,hair on the top and tail and you can ride it?

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