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Australian Federal Government

1                 2         3           4
  7 8                              
    9   10    
  12   13         14        
17   18                          
  20                   21                        
  22             23
      24       25                        
  26         27                
28                       29         30 31                      

1.Dismissed Prime Minister
2.Current leader of the Liberal Party
5.House of Parliament where Prime Minister sits
8.Constellation of the Australian flag
11.First Australian Indigenous parliamentarian
13.Colours of the House of Representatives
15.Where Australia's first Federal Parliament was held
18.Australia's capital city
19.Australia's longest serving Prime Minister
20.Australia's national anthem
25.Major political party
27.Red house in Parliament
28.Represents the Queen
30.First female Prime Minister
32.Died in office in July 1945
1.Only Prime Minister to be sworn in whilst still a Senator
4.Current Australian Governor General
6.Prime Minister from the Free Trade Party
9.Lake in the middle of Canberra
10.Australia's floral emblem
12.Deputy Prime Minister in 2011
14.Australia's largest state
16.Animals on Australian Coat of Arms
17.Official Australian colours
21.First Australian born Governor General
22.Australia's first Prime Minister
23.Retired Prime Minister who drowned off the Victorian coast
24.Only Prime Minister to be dismissed from office
26.Official residence of the Prime Minister
29.First woman in Federal Parliament
31.Symbol on top left hand corner of the Australian Flag

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