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Environmental Terms

Mr. Watterson

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1.a stagnant marsh or bog
3.the number of feet above sea level on land
6.animal life of a given area
7.the role played by an organism in a biological community
9.wetland characterized by grasses and herbs
11.cannot produce its own food and must eat or live off of other organisms
13.color or shape that helps and organism hide from preditors or prey.
15.movement between two areas in response to environmental change
18.an amimal that kills and eats other organisms
20.gas to liquid, usually from cooling
21.a creature that is caught, killed and eaten by another animal
2.food, water, shelter and space
4.a "natural" system that includes interacting living and non-living parts
5.a measure of acidity
8.liquid to gas at any temperature
10.a fine grained soil material that expands when wet
12.an interlocking pattern of food chains
14.thr removal or wearing away of rock or soil
16.a population of organisms that are more or less alike
17.the study of the physical nature and history of the earth
19.a freshwater aquatic environment

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