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Why aren’t fossil fuels a sustainable energy source?

Ms. Shah

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2.Alaska's most at risk
5.If it's too late to stop CO2, we must _____
7.opens a new coal plant every week!
8.Carbon dioxide is released when you burn this
12.country that has the most coal deposits
14.synonymous for petroleum
15.rises if ice sheet melts
17.country that has the most oil
20.oils comes mainly from fossilized ______ organisms
22.most used petroleum product
23.methane is one type of this
24.reason why U.S. uses the most oil
1.why fossil fuels can't be artificially created
3.Global warming is an _____ of the world's temperatures.
4.besides time and pressure, _____ is needed to create fossil fuels
6.CO2 causes this in the air
9.compound in all fossil fuels
10.found in oceans to extract oil
11.90% of electricity comes from this source
13.biggest users of natural gas
16.cleanest burning fossil fuel
18.oil catastrophe in Gulf of Mexico
19.where oil is filtered
21.debating if oil should be drilled

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