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Crossword Love

Angelica Hicks

A little bit of Valentin's magic inside of a crossword puzzle. You want love and romance in any puzzle you do. Here's one for you.

1 2 3
4 5      
10 11  
12 13             14      
      15         16
18   19           20          
22               23          
25 26 27       28
29         30   31  

6.You might get a sweet box of these on Valentine's day.
7.You might go on a stroll here with someone your in a romantic relationship with.
8.The event that comes the day after marrige.
9.The act of uniting two souls romantically by a priest.
13.The weapons cupid used to inspire love.
15.A common place to go for a date.
18.A deep but bright red color that might be the coloration or a heart.
20.Cupid is commonly thaught of as an _____
21.You might give your boy/girlfriend one of these on the special day. Involves rapping your arms around them.
22.A kiss that is thought of as inaproved for younger adolecents.
23.A flattish area on the face, that someone might kiss you on.
24.The meal you might have before going to the movies.
27.A school might have this romantic activitie on Valentine's day.
29.Knickname for a romantic partner, also the name of a natural sweetner.
30.A part of the mouth that someone may kiss you on.
32.A flower thought of when you think of a romantic flower.
33.True love's ____
1.You might go on one of these with your valentine.
2.Current male pop star who sings almost only songs about romance.
3.Knickname for a romantic partner, also the name of a type of fruit.
4.the term for an attractive person
5.Someone might invite you to a cup of ______ at lunch.
10.A romantic ryming note you might get on the romantic day.
11.The card you might get on Valentin'es day.
12.Is the commonly thaught of city when romance is mentioned.
14.Making something having to do with love more dramatic.
16.Some people say when they are in love, that they have been ______ by cupid
17.He gave me a bouquet of _______
19.Godess of love in Greek mythology.
23.Well known god, commonly thought of as an angel, believed to inspire love.
25.A romantic feeling of caring you may feel towards a person.
26.Shape used to represent love.
28.A rock star known as the king and sang romantic songs.
31.Think ____

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