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Frankenstein Crossword Puzzle

Mrs. Willis/Ms. Brown/Mr. Dowling

Answer the following crossword puzzle by using the clues and hints to fill out the puzzle. Work independently and use your notes and book to help you.

1 2 3
4   5                        
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      16 17            

4.A story within a story. _______ _______
6.A genre of literature that includes elements like mystery, suspense, horror, and the supernatural.
12.When Victor is young, what does he see lightning strike and destroy?
13.Frankenstein is known as one of the first _______ _______ novels.
17.Definition: Awe-inspiring. (Remember Friday's Lesson and if you're still stuck check the first page of Chapter 10)
18.What type of landscape/nature does Victor spend two pages describing on his way to meet the Monster?
19.Who created the Monster?
1.The argument between what makes us human.
2.Who does the Monster kill first? (Victor's little brother's name)
3.The name of Mary Shelley's husband. _______ _______
5.What branch of science inspires Victor to study the creation of life? This science is no longer popular by the time Victor goes to Ingolstadt, it has been replaced by chemistry.
7.Where does Victor go to college?
8.The literary movement during the second half of the 18th century that argued science was going too far by trying to fully understand the world around us.
9.Who is accused for the murder of William?
10.A novel of letters.
11.Who is Victor going to marry?
14.Who inspired Victor to create the Monster?
15.Who is Victor's best friend?
16.Where is Victor from?

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