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Chapter Four Vocabulary

Ray Beard

Students are to try to find definitions or examples to terms.

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2.power that is given to states, kept back from the national government
11.a person fleeing a crime to another state can be brought back to the state where the crime was committed
12.power of the national government alone
13.New Jersey and New York agree to control the harbor together
14.what a person is who can complete this entire puzzle correctly
18.a person who is sued in a state cannot flee the state to avoid paying damages because of this requirement
19.a reserved power for states
22.the number of periods in a school day
23.what out of state residents pay when they attend a state university such as Penn State
25.means power only given to the national government
27.an example of concurrent power
28.an area where states help the national government
1.monies federal government gives out to different projects
3.representative democracy
4.name of the intern in govermment class
5.state that use to be an independent republic
6.an exception to the Full Faith and Credit Clause
7.any American can travel or live in any state because of this clause in the Constitution
8.the name of the government teacher
9.internal disturbance within a state
10.power that is spelled out in the Constitution
15.the building principal
16.power shared by both the national government and the states
17.a system of government where powers are shared by both federal and state governments
20.written plan of government
21.grant for something specific like the study of stink bugs
24.a city needing federal assistance to help settle a riot
26.grant given to a broad project area such as education in a state

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