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Earth's Interior

Mrs. Edmondson

1 2
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3."Asthenes" is Greek for _____.
4.Earth's magnetic field is caused by movements in the __________.
6.Direct evidence used by scientists to learn about Earth's interior.
9.A layer of very hot rock
10.The asthenosphere behaves like a _____ when there is sudden pressure.
15.The crust is thickest beneath the ___________.
18.Pressure _______ as you move from the surface of Earth to the center.
19.________ crust consists mainly of rocks such as granite.
22.After passing through the mantle, you reach Earth's dense, metallic _____.
23.Indirect evidence used by scientists to learn about Earth's interior.
24.A layer that is 2,266 km thick
25.A dense ball of solid metal
26.A type of metal found in the core.
28.Vibrations that travel through Earth carrying energy.
29.The thickest type of crust
1.Scientists that study Earth.
2.Nearly 3,000 km thick
5.The Earth is a large ________, which causes a compass to point north.
7.The force pressing on an area.
8.Causes seismic waves
11.The ______ is 1,216 km thick
12.A layer of molten metal
13.Uppermost part of the mantle and the crust together
14.Rock that forms the oceanic crust
16.Increases as you move from the cool crust to the center of Earth.
17.The asthenosphere behaves like a _____ when there is gentle pressure.
20.Soft layer of rock in the mantle that bends like plastic.
21.A layer of solid rock that from Earth's outer skin
24.Crust beneath the ocean
27.The outermost layer of Earth

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