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Thanksgiving Day Feast

Annaliese Clauze

It's A Thanksgiving Day Feast! Every Food That You Eat Is Here!

2 3   4          
5             6             7
        8       9
    10           11    
  12   13                 14
15           16 17  
18                   19          
20                   21 22      
23   24               25  

3.Made from Corn Syrup And Pecans (2 Words)
5.Served on A Silver ___________________
6.A Thanksgiving Classic, Made with Breadcrumbs
8.Please Set the ________________
10.Follow this to Make The Food Just Right
13.Leg of the Turkey
15.___________________ the Turkey
18.Cover the Table With the Table
19.Yellow Vegetable Like A Pumpkin
20.Break this and Make A Wish
22._________________ and Pans
23.Where you Bake all Of This Yummy Food!
27.A Red Berry
28.Usually Called Sweet Potatoes
29.After the Main Course
1.After the Feast is Done
2.A Slow Cooker, Usually Made With Beef and Served with Potatoes
3.Served Mashed, Baked or Fried!
4.Small, Yellow, and Looks Like A Tooth!
5.Carve This Orange Vegetable For Halloween As Well
7.Usually on Sausage or Mashed Potatoes
9.Let's __________________
11.Indian Word for Bread
12.Most Children don't like these, Especially the Green Ones
13.Lip Smacking Good
16.A Horn of Plenty
17.Orange Dessert, Great with Whipped Cream (2 Words)
21.a Loaf Filled With Bread
24.Gobble, Gobble!
25.Made from Apple Juice
26.Oink, Oink

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