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Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Ian Livingston

X-Word puzzle

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1.god of falcons, pharaohs, and the sky. son of isis and osiris. leads the dead to the underworld to weigh their hearts. sometimes has a falcon head.
5.merge of Ra and Horus. He also became one of the sun gods and the supreme state god like Amon-Ra. He is often depicted with the head of a falcon and a sun disc on his head. He would also fly across the sky carryng the sun.
9.goddess of joy and music. depicted as a cat.
10.the god of the earth. husband of nut, the goddess of the sky.
11.local god of memphis, egypt. god of craftsmen and created the world. he performs the opening of the mouth ceremony. husband to sekhmet
13.god of the dead and embalming mummies. Messenger to osiris and guard of the heart scales. Depicted as having the head of jackal.
14.goddess of law,order,truth, and balance. daughter of Ra and wife of Thoth. also wears the feather of truth on her head.
17.god of the underworld. Brother and husband of Isis. He is the father of Horus. Son of Geb and Nut. represented as a mummy with a royal crown holding a crook and flail
19.god of wisdom and science. Scribe of the gods. Also the god of the moon since he records time. husband to Ma'at
20.god of storms, violence, and disorder. evil brother of osiris. The lord of the desert
2.goddess of war. destroys all enemies of Ra. wife to thoth. depicted with the head of a lion
3.god of the nile and the workings of it. He is usually shown with papyrus and lotus flowers growing on his head.Lives in a cave at the head of the Nile.
4.goddess of nature both before sunrise and after sunset. Daughter of nut and geb. wife of set. mother of anubis with osiris
6.not a god. eats the hearts of all that do not weigh the same as the feather of truth. part hippo, lion, and croc
7.original god of the sun. often shown with a large crown sometimes with a sun disc. Also goes by Amon-Ra. He is the chief god of Thebes.
8.the goddess of the heavens and the sky. She is the sister and the wife of Geb and the mother of Osiris and Set.
12.goddess of love, beauty,dancing, and protecter of children and birth.
15.Another form of the sun god. He was not human or animal. He was the only god worshipedwhen King Akhenaten ruled.
16.goddess of Thebes. great divine mother. pictured with a head of a vulture
18.goddess of magic and healing. sister and wife to osiris. wears a headress shaped like a seat

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