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The Aeneid Puzzle IV

Gabriel Saenz, Marina Tetzlaff, and Regina

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2.__________ runs away from Aeneas in distress
4.Dido's nurse
7.Dido sais that these "daughters of the west" will help her
8.The "saturnian father"
9.The ferryman of the dead
11.A female messenger of the gods
14.Dido's wish foreshadows the __________ wars
15.The Trojan ship captain that had "been pitched overboard astern" in the storm that brought Aeneas to Carthage.
17.Heracles was to bring ___________, the watchdog of HAdes, up from the lower world.
19.The Harpies are spirits of the ________ that carry souls back to Hades.
21.Aeneas goes o the kingdom of his friend __________
22.The creature that has the ability to grow two new heads when one was chopped off.
23.Greek equivalent of Zeus
24.The Chimera is 1/3 lion, 1/3 goat, and 1/3 _______.
27.Aeneas leaves Dido to follow his _____________
29.The epithet "son of the godess" involves this godess.
30.Greek Equivalentof Hera
1.Dido calls upon Juno, the furies, and _________ to fulfill her wish
3.The number of years the unburied dead must stay on one side of the river.
5.Aeneas' father
6.Dido wants to __________ Aeneas' belongnings
8.Dido prays to the gods for __________
10.Who is sent to wake up Aeneas?
12.A treacherous former king of troy
13.Aeneas is compaired to a ________, unmoved by wind
16.The Roman name of the god of the underworld, Hades, is _________
18.Dido hears her dead husbands voice coming from a _________
20.Another word for Trojans
24."There were as many as _____leaves that yield their hold on boughs and fall through forests in the early frost of autumn."
25.The sailors were compaired to _________ in an epic simile
26.The prophetess that guides Aeneas is known as the ________
27.The god who slept with old Tithonus
28.Dido's sister

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