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Charlie's Angels 2011 Crossword Puzzle

Drew Barrymore

This is the Crossword Puzzle of the Charlie's Angels 2011 series on the "ABC" channel. They only had 4 episodes out on Charlie's Angels when they decided to cancel it. So were doing this Crossword Puzzle for all of thier hard work,and I bet the actresses are very sad right now,so to pirking them up we are making this Puzzle for them. And if you complete it they say that they might try and put it back on. So work hard and do well.

Thanks! :)

1   2      
  7 8 9          
11           12                  

1.An innocent person.
3.The person you become when you go to hell.
4.He is Charlie's second hand.
5.His name is on the title.
9.When you die you become this in heaven.
10.The angel that died on the first episode.
11.The building that the angels live in.
2.What is the title called?
6.How many episodes did Charlie's Angels have?
7.Bad people.
8.The only black angel.
9.She is the blond haired angel.
12.The angel that took the spot of the angel that died.

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