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Monster by Walter Dean Myers

Ms. DuQue'

Facts of the case from the fiction book Monster by Walter Dean Myers

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2.Steve was suppose to give a __________ when he walked out of the store.
7.________ says "All they can do is put me in jail, they can't touch my soul." p. 89
11.Found the body
12.The book is written in the form of a ______________.
14.name of the thug; on trial with Steve Harmon; 1st and last name p.10 (2 Words)
15.Owner of the Drugstore; First and Last name (2 Words)
20.Sandra Petrocelli's job title
21.What they took away from prisoners so they can't commit suicide
22.Sentence that Steve might get if he is found guilty of murder; p. 60 (2 Words)
23.Steve's age
24.man who says that he is going to tattoo Monster on his forehead P. 60
26.Month and date of crime; 2 words--no year (2 Words)
27.protagonist/main character of Monster; first and last name (2 Words)
29.man who visits Steve in Jail
30.Name of Steve's little brother
31.Steve heard this happen to another inmate; scared of it
1.character who was being sexually harassed in prison; last name only
3.What part or role was Steve suppose to play according to Osvaldo?
4.Stolen from the drugstore along with the money
5.Person who is in charge of the courtroom
6.crime that Steve is on trial for; 2 words (2 Words)
8.owner of the gun used in the robbery/murder; last name only
9.Ms. O'Brien thinks that Steve is __________.
10.nickname of Richard Evans; the RAT p. 10
13.Author of the book Monster; HINT: not Steve Harmon--3 words (3 Words)
16.Title/Name of the book
17.James King told the cops ___________ shot Nesbitt.; first name only
18.What King was smoking while talking to Steve; p. 149
19.James King's defense attorney/lawyer
25.Did Nesbitt die immediately?
28.Steve's Defense Attorney/lawyer
29.number of cigarette cartons stolen from drugstore

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