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Clear Creek

Mikayla Bernato

Clear Creek 2011

1   2           3 4         5
6                   7        
9   10   11    
    12                   13              
  14                   15    
          16     17      
  18 19            
20                           21
23   24                          
25         26  
  27                               28            
      30             31                 32
  33               34                        
35                               36      

1.an animal that eats everything
4.a raptorial bird
6.this tree has striped acorns on it
7.this plant has tough sword shaped leaves
12.a social group of any size
13.situated on a body of water
14.these are small trees
16.in the cat family. grey brown coat, whiskered face, and black-tufted ears. resembles the Lynx
19.an area of water mostley surrounded by land
20.an animal that only eats plants
24.the most common snake found in California
27.found in California and is also called the orange bellied newt
28.belenging to the daytime(oppisite to nocturnal)
30.a nutritive tissue within the sporangium
31.to blend in
33.an animal that prays upon other animals
34.California's only native venomous snake
35.also known as a Buzzard
36.an animal hunted
37.a dense growth of shrubs (small trees)
38.pertaining to animals, as fishes, reptiles whose blood temperture ranges from freezing point and up
39.common lizard in California, the adult has a blue belly
2.belonging to the night time
3.to adjust oneself to different conditions
5.this animal is mostly grey and has a black mask
8.maintaining a constant and warm body temperature independent of environmental temperature
9.an animal or other organism that feeds on dead organic matter
10.this plant is exploited for maple syrup
11.appering or acting in the twilight (as bats and insects)
15.this is a small evergreen shrub
17.this animal is releated to a wolf but smaller
18.to tame
21.this plant can cause rashes after contact to skin
22.large tree squirrel found in California
23.large, mostly nocturnal, the only large owl with ear tufts
25.this is a woody or fleshey root that is green
26.this is a holy herb
29.this refers to plants in the dicot family polygonaceae
32.a system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with there enviroment

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