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1 2
3   4 5                
  7               8   9  
13 14                  
15   16      
  17                   18
21             22           23  

5.the teacher wants all the ________ on her
6.he begged and _______
7.the visitor you did not expect is an _________ visitor
10.he needs to act more __________ at school
14.the room was full of ______ during the party
17.he ________ he stole the car because of all the pressure
19.he ________ off in th middle of the night
21.when you speak and the words don`t sound clear that means he is __________
22.he ________ the bug and it is not squished
24.people like to cuddle and ______ in people arms
1.6 years of school and grades 1 to 6?
2.he had an ________ to make to the school
3.when you but something expensive it is very _______
4.he was __________ on his test
6.when you watch t.v you watch a show or a movie or a t.v ______
8.it was great __________ getting to go to the beach for the first time
9.it would have to be a __________ for that to happen
11.when you get a close look at somebody you get a quick _____ of them
12.i ________ the manger right now
13.when you shake in fear you start to ______
15.when you save someone you ______ them
16.working at the bank gives him alot of __________
18.when you want something really bad you?
20.his knees _________ in fear
23.something close to a musean but smaller. so like _________ a

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