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The French Revolution Crossword Puzzle

Hudson Perrine & Caroline Edwards

1 2
3     4
5 6     7                         8  
      9   10              

5.Revolution that ended the monarchy in France
10.Greatest millitary leared of France
11.Last official monarchy of France
15.Blamed for government's loss of money
16.the last esstate that paid most of the taxes
1.Created the declaration of rights of man and citizen
2.Peasants broke into the overfloawing prison
3.An oath taken by revolutioners inside a tennis court
4.The lowest of the people in France before the revolution
6.the time frame after the kings death when many people died
7.The killer of the news paper writter Marat
8.the rich people of France that were not royalty
9.A force to fight wars and keep the country from being taken over be attacking forces
12.A guard to protect the people from harm
13.Called so many people to die at the guillotine
14.Killing machine that chops peoples head of with a heavey metal frame

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