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1.pain tells his former master that hte happiness in his heart is just an illusion
5.the student of master jiriya
8.madara is a man who can't ever die
9."tale of jiriya the galliant" hoho barely great but great indeed
10.jiriya has inherited is students will to never give up
12."why do you have questions about him?"
13.itachi tells sasuke that madara allied eith another clan to make their home village
14.madara killed his brother to kepp the darkness from consuming his eyes
17.madara will last forever
21.itachi tells naruto that there is no room for idiots in reality
24.itachi's most powerful attack and defense jutsu
26.itachi tells sasuke that everyone lives inside their own illusion
27.sauke tells his friends that he has the power to kill his brother
28.what amazing power, you actually believe that you can kill your brother
2.madara has also internal powers
3.itachi tells sasuke the truth about madara and his brother izuna
4.itachi tells sasuke that madara was his comrade
6.itachi explanes to his brother about reality and fiction
7.suigetsu's rash descision to battle his former teacher
11.tobi is messing aruond with the other ninja's in a battle against them
15.sasuke tells his brother when he murdered the whole clan he must have had a partner to help him
16.itachi's most powerful genjutsu ( illusion tecqunique)
18.madara was haunted by the thought of going blind
19.itachi's most powerful jutsu
20.naruto tells hinata to keep her eyes on the enemy
22.sasuke you saying that madara is dead is just your guess
23.sasike tells itachi he'll use the darkness in his heart to kill him
24.madara started to feel odd symptoms
25.itachi tells his brother that there is one other crucial piece of information about their families past

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